How storymapping improves product success


Storymapping is a process at the center of modern product production designed to align all stakeholders. Rise from pixel-pushing to enalbing product visionaries with a “story map” design document.

It’s simple. We start by capturing high level concepts (blue) and prioritizing development of those over time. We support those concepts with details (red) based on the necessity of them.

story map framework
Storymap framework

Example of a Storymap

A good story map is your golden ticket to unify your team, secure executive support, and help you find a way to ship.

story map example
Storymap Example
“We use the same processs internally that we do with customers so all stakeholders have a sense of what needs done”

A more detailed look

User activities are the backbone of a project. We refer to these as concepts. User steps are mapped to user activities and provide a walking skeleton of the steps for each activity in the project. Stories are organized by necessity. Stories are the objectives of the specific step in the project.

story map section detail
Detailed look in section

Let’s take a look at an iOS news app

We will use this example to gain a bettter understanding on how to storymap it.

ios news app
Example news app

Step 1. Create a backbone

Let's define the key activities in our user journey. This is the backbone of our product. This ensures we all understand the core requirements of what the product needs in order to be considered complete.

storymap backbone
Everyone agrees these key activities are the backbone for our news app

Step 2. Create a skeleton around the backbone

Let’s build our story map on top of this backbone. We will add in key tasks and map them to the project’s backbone.

backbone skeleton

Step 3. Adding skin to the skeleton

Finally we can set priorities. If everything is important, nothing is important. Let’s set priorities at the release level.

final storymap

Research and Development

story mapping

How storymapping improves product success

Take a look into the process of storymapping

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